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Matchpoint Dispatch™ is a vital component of the Matchpoint platform, offering content licensors a powerful toolset for managing, archiving, and distributing their content worldwide. Its cloud-based capabilities, global distribution reach, and end-to-end solution streamline operations, increase exposure, and provide valuable insights. This is particularly crucial in today’s digital content landscape, where efficient management and broad distribution are essential for success.

Some reasons why Matchpoint Dispatch™ is important to content owners & publishers, media companies, and the enterprise:

  • Digital Asset Management and Distribution: Matchpoint Dispatch™ serves as a centralized hub for content licensors, allowing them to efficiently manage their valuable content assets. This is vital because it streamlines content organization, ensuring easy access to source materials and rights management.
  • Cloud-Based Source Content Archiving: The ability to archive and manage source content in the cloud is invaluable. It ensures content is securely stored and easily accessible from anywhere, reducing the risk of data loss and providing flexibility for content creators.
  • Orchestration of Global Distribution: One of the most critical aspects of digital content distribution is the ability to reach a global audience. Matchpoint Dispatch™ facilitates this by enabling content licensors to seamlessly distribute their content to critical OTT services worldwide. This global reach is essential for maximizing content exposure and revenue potential.
  • End-to-End Solution: Matchpoint Dispatch™ offers an all-encompassing solution that covers every stage of content distribution. From the initial content submission by filmmakers to the final content publishing and reporting, this end-to-end approach simplifies the entire process, saving time and effort for content licensors.
  • Access to Multiple Platforms: The platform’s integration with various OTT services, including Cineverse’s AVOD & SVOD channels, Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Xbox, broadens the distribution options for content licensors. This extensive network increases the chances of content reaching a diverse and engaged audience.
  • Submission and Consideration: The ability for filmmakers worldwide to submit their films for distribution consideration is a significant advantage. It provides a platform for emerging talent to showcase their work and offers content licensors a wider pool of content to choose from, enriching their content libraries.
  • 360-Degree Distribution Process: Matchpoint Dispatch™ encompasses the entire distribution process, including content reporting. This comprehensive approach enables content licensors to gain insights into content performance, audience engagement, and revenue generation, empowering them to make informed decisions.

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